Mobile training… At home or in the Orbis studio facility… On your own or in a group… How do you like to train? 
We have a range of offerings to suit the often complex and differing needs of our clients at Orbis.

Coaching Packages

4 personal training appointments per week (at a discounted price)
Nutritional Support including food diary assessment and menu suggestions
Full and ongoing assessment of motivational barriers and challenges and assistance in overcoming them!
Monthly review and assessment in regards to achievement levels

Training Packages

For those who would like to concentrate on the exercise element solely, we also offer fully professional and individually tailored personal training packages.

"I have run for a few years, not always successfully due to recurrent injuries and inconsistent training, Russ taught me exercises to help strengthen my 'posterior chain' to make me a more upright runner, and therefore more efficient." Lee - Buckden

Remote Support Package

Our remote consultation service, via Skype and email allows you to check in with the professionals at Orbis Fitness to gain support and advice… whether that be in regard to training, nutrition or the maintenance of a committed mindset to ensure that you meet your goals. This package includes:

One Skype call per week
Weekly programme update
Ongoing nutritonal advice
Support in maintaining the right lifestyle and mindset to achieve your goals


If you have an injury, illness or disability, we will devise a programme for you taking this into account. Our trainers are all REPs Level 4 qualified and GP Referral certified.

"Now my hip and knee are in great shape post surgery and my generally mobility is much better, I can now go on long walks and have a much better quality of life, most importantly I am not in pain." Steve - Godmanchester
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